Creating a Product Experience

When building a product, you always want to improve what already exists to provide more value to your customers. Solving real problems and building your product around the jobs you are solving is crucial for success and, at the same time, it is amazingly rewarding. Once you understand the job your product needs to solve […]

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Process Is King

Tech Room

Software development is often unpredictable. Changes in the infrastructure or libraries we depend on happen. Bugs come up. Milestones slip by. To be able to deal with all of those changes, we need a proper process in place that will help us deal with unforeseen problems and give us the confidence to upgrade any part of our system at any time.

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Our recent Service Outage

We want to apologize for the Service Outage that happened on Thursday 7/31 starting at 6:30PM UTC. We caused you a lot of trouble and we are really sorry! After digging into our logs, we reconstructed the series of events: It started with poor database performance around 6:30PM UTC, which resulted in a growing backlog […]

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