Using Oracle Java 7 and 8 on Codeship

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Here at Codeship, we love our Java and JVM-based customers. For some time, we have supported the OpenJDK 7 Java Development Kit, allowing Continuous Delivery for projects utilizing Java, Scala, Clojure and Groovy. Today, we are happy to announce the support of the Oracle 7 and 8 JDKs. How Codeship supports Java We are providing […]

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A Proper Server Naming Scheme

This is a guest blog post via – a 100% SSD cloud hosting provider built for reliability and performance. Choose your CPU, DISK, and RAM and your server will be deployed instantly. They offer custom cloud server specs, optional server management, and coming soon — bare metal servers! You can read their original article […]

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Creating a Product Experience

When building a product, you always want to improve what already exists to provide more value to your customers. Solving real problems and building your product around the jobs you are solving is crucial for success and, at the same time, it is amazingly rewarding. Once you understand the job your product needs to solve […]

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